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Birthdate:Jan 8

Character: Terra
Series: Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep
Version: Right before he lands in the Keyblade Graveyard for the final battle
Age: About 19
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual

Appearance: Terra is a tall, handsome young man. His shoulder length brown hair sticks up in the back and his bangs are parted in the front to frame his face, and he has blue eyes and lightly tanned skin. He wears a skintight black shirt with maroon straps crisscrossed over it, and tan hakama style pants and armored shoes. On his left arm is a red and gold armored gauntlet and pauldron and on the right is an wrist band. When activated, the pauldron summons full body armor of the same color.

Personality: At first glance, you would probably think Terra is a calm, collected, stoic young man. But just below the surface lies a passionate, emotional man who is devoted and loyal to his friends and would do anything for them. He’s a genuinely good person, eager to help those in need. Despite the fact that Terra’s nearly a fully grown adult, he’s very naïve, a bit too trusting of people, and not very worldly or street smart. And because of this, he can be easy to manipulate, or he'll too easily fall in with the wrong crowd. After everything that's happened to him, though, he'll try to be far more perceptive of it, so he doesn't make the same mistakes twice. He’s very protective of his friends, especially Ven and Aqua, who are like his siblings, and hurting them is a very easy way to make him mad. He can be very conflicted about the fact that he’s been tempted by Darkness, and made some bad choices on his journey, and will sometimes brood about it, though he’s more focused on trying to redeem himself and making sure he won’t be led astray again.

Abilities/Weaponry/Strengths:: To quote my app for Sora, since that summed up the Keyblade pretty well, Terra has the power to summon and wield a weapon that is a cross between a key and a sword, the Keyblade. The Keyblade has the power to unlock any lock, from the one on a door, to the one at the heart of all worlds. He Keyblade can only be wielded by him, though it is somewhat implied by the games that one Keybearer can allow another to wield their Keyblade. If he gets disarmed somehow he is able to summon the Keyblade back into his hand, the Keyblade will also automatically summon back into his hands if someone other than him tries to hold it. The Keyblade also seems to enhance Terra’s physical abilities, as he is apparently capable of near-superhuman feats of agility and strength. The Keyblade’s form and abilities can be changed by him equipping new key chains, which seem to represent the memories of his friends and the places he’s been. Though the one he’s usually be using will be Ends of the Earth.

His Keyblades all tend to have a very long reach, his strongest ones tending to hit BFS territory. Terra also has the ability to turn his Keyblade into a hover bike that he can use to travel to other worlds, or just fly around Paixao, since he can’t leave.

Terra relies on using brute strength in his battles, where Ven and Aqua have to be a bit more clever about their physical attacks due to their light frames, Terra is strong enough to usually just go in swinging in most fights. Of course, just relying on melee attacks is a good way to get yourself killed, which is why Terra has a rather varied selection of different types of abilities.

First of all, Terra knows a wide variety of spells, though he’s not as good of a mage as Aqua is. In addition to the usual basic spells, Firaga, Thundaga, Blizzaga, Curaga and the like, Terra’s specialties are Earth magic, such as Quake and Meteor, and Darkness.

Finishers. After fighting enemies for an extended period of time, Terra builds up enough energy to pull off a powerful finishing move. For simplicity’s sake, I’m going to limit him to the Finishers exclusive to him. The basic Finishing move is simply a powerful jumping slash. Rising Rock 1 and 2 summons rocks to bombard the enemy in addition to the slash. Dark Star 1 and 2 mixes in Darkness into the slash and summon meteors to crush the enemies. His most powerful Finisher, Demolition, bypasses the jumping slash altogether and summons many mid sized meteors to crush enemies.

Shotlocks. Long range attacks that are well suited for dealing with large crowds of enemies. Again, for simplicity’s sake, I’m gonna limit it to Terra’s exclusive ones.Sonic Shadow, a Darkness powered dashing attack. Dark Volley, an attack that consists of shooting projectiles of Darkness at the enemies, and Ultima Cannon, which consists of Terra turning his Keyblade into a cannon and blasting the enemy.

Command Styles. If Terra uses certain attacks and abilities to fight for an extended period of time, he’ll trigger a Command Style, which changes his fighting style, makes his attacks more powerful, and gives him access to a powerful finisher.

Critical Impact - Triggered by basic abilities. It ups the damage done by Terra’s combos and the finisher is a large shockwave Terra creates by leaping up and slamming his Keyblade into the ground.
Firestorm - Triggered by fire based spells and abilities. Terra’s combos generate fire with every attack and the finisher has Terra leaping in the air and summoning five pillars of fire.
Diamond Dust - Triggered by ice based spells and abilities. Terra’s combos generate shards of ice with every attack and the finisher has Terra summoning several large pillars of ice in the floor around him.
Thunderbolt - Triggered by lightning based spells and abilities. Terra’s combos now generate lightning with every attack and the finisher has Terra summoning multiple arcs of lightning to surround him.

If he’s already in a Command Style he can trigger an even more powerful second tier one.

Rockbreaker - Triggered by earth based spells and abilities. Terra’s combos now generate earth and rocks with every attack and the finisher has Terra summoning three pillars of earth rock that home in on enemies.
Bladecharge - Triggered by fire and ice based spells and abilities, and advanced Keyblade attacks. Terra’s Keyblade becomes a giant sword of energy, greatly extending his reach and doing more damage, the finisher consists of Terra spinning the sword above his head then making a powerful downward slash that
creates an explosion of light.
Dark Impulse - Triggered by Darkness based spells and abilities. In addition to augmenting his Keyblade with Darkness, he also gains the ability to attack with a giant shadow fist, the finisher consists of Terra burrowing underground and erupting under the enemy to attack

D-Links. Thanks to a magical spell put on the good luck charm Aqua gave him, Terra has the ability to borrow the abilities of people he met on his journey. In Paixao, however, he’ll only have access to the D-Links if the corresponding person is already here, which will initially limit him to just Maleficent’s, and, because of complicated spoiler-y reasons, Ventus‘s. He’ll also have the ability to gain new D-Links, if the person leaves a strong enough impression on him and, likewise he leaves a strong impression on them.

Weaknesses: Terra is very naïve and trusting, and he has a tendency to fall in with the wrong crowd, he’ll wise up soon enough, but unfortunately not before it gets him into trouble somehow. He also sometimes has difficulty realizing if someone has evil intentions, though he’s gotten better at that, he still doesn’t have a properly functioning evildar, as it were. Terra also has issues with the Darkness in his heart, he was taught that Darkness was something that they had to suppress and overcome, and because of this, Terra has much internal conflict over the fact that he’s been tempted by the Darkness and can channel it. Also, the simple fact that Terra uses Darkness is rather hazardous in and of itself, and he’s teetering on the edge of letting himself give into the Darkness, though it would have to be something very major to push him over that edge, like Ven and Aqua’s lives being in danger. Because he specializes in heavy hitting attacks, and due to his build, Terra’s not the most light on his feet or most agile.

History: Terra grew up in the Land of Departure, training with Aqua under Master Eraqus, to become a Keyblade Master. When he was around fifteen, a third pupil was brought in, Ventus, and he and Aqua became fast friends with the boy.

Four years later, though, everything would go to hell.

Terra and Aqua were taking their Mark of Mastery exam, to prove they were worthy to be Masters. Unfortunately, during the test, Terra loses control of the Darkness inside him, and Master Eraqus deems him unfit to be a Master because of it. Terra goes off to be alone after this when he runs into Master Xehanort, who tells him that Terra’s just fine the way is and shouldn’t worry about the Darkness.

However, Terra wouldn’t have much time to be lost in his thoughts over this, there was an emergency brewing in the worlds, strange creatures invading the worlds and putting the Princesses of Heart in danger. Terra sets off for the other worlds, not stopping to hear the warning Ven has for him.

On the first world Terra visits, he meets Maleficent, a wicked fairy, who would send him to see the princess sleeping in the castle, Maleficent told Terra of her plan of using the Princesses of Heart to rule all the worlds and uses Terra to steal the princess's heart by controlling the Darkness in his heart. This encounter would set the tone for the rest of his journey. The next world, though, went much better, he met a young woman named Cinderella, whom wanted to go to the ball. And after her Fairy Godmother helped her get ready, the fairy sent him to make sure Cinderella made it to the ball safely. Before he left the world, he encountered Aqua, and they had a conversation about dreams, and then Terra went on his way. The third world he visited he encountered a queen who wanted Terra to bring her back the princess Snow White's heart in exchange for information on Xehanort. Terra went to go see the girl and scared her off when he tried to protect her from the Unversed, and returned to the queen empty handed, not that he was gonna take her heart anyway.

Terra then decides to seek the advice of Master Yen Sid, who tells him that the Unversed, and Xehanort may be connected somehow. Then as Terra leaves, he hears Master Xehanort calling him, they meet in a desolate world where Xehanort tells Terra a very pretty lie about Vanitas, the Masked Boy that had been spotted in the worlds, origins, making it seem like an accident. He then tells Terra to go to Radiant Garden.

While in Radiant Garden, Terra meets up with Aqua and Ven, however, it isn't a very happy reunion. Aqua accuses Terra of getting too close to the Darkness, and Terra gets upset that the Master would have Aqua spy on him. So Terra parts ways to try and do things on his own, only to run into an odd stranger that claimed he had taken Xehanort prisoner. Terra went to where the stranger was holding Xehanort, fought him, and at the end of the fight he shot the man's eye with a blast of Darkness. Terra was horrified at what happened and thought he could never face his friends or Master again. But Xehanort tries to cheer him up by offering to take him as his pupil. (Or manipulate him some more, your call)

Terra goes to more worlds, which doesn't really go better. He still falls in with the wrong crowd, and even though he tries to make things right, he feels as though he falls further into Darkness. Then when riding in the Lanes Between, Terra follows warm light to a small, tropical world where he meets a young boy named Riku. The boy wanted to leave his world to get stronger so he could protect the things that mattered. Terra decided to make the boy his successor. Terra left the world with his spirits lifted. Which wouldn't last for long.

Xehanort summons Terra to warn him that the boy was in trouble and was confronting Eraqus about his origins, so Terra goes back to his homeworld to find his master trying to kill Ven. Terra would stand for it, so he tossed Ven into a portal to a safe place, and Terra taps into the Darkness and fights his master.After Terra the fight, Master Xehanort shows up and kills Eraqus, Terra ends up breaking down. Xehanort destroys the Land of Departure and Terra leaves to save Ven and Aqua from Xehanort.

Only to find himself in Paixao.
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